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Frequently asked questions:

Q:How long does it take from my application to becoming a franchisee?

A: About 30 days under normal process.


Q: Can the applicant without any experience in the furniture industry become a franchisee?

A: In principle, it is best to have industry experience. If not, approval will depend on specific analysis of applicant's strength and investment operation focus.


Q: Are there requirements for applicant's age and nationality? Can foreigners apply?

A: There is no requirement. Citizens over 18 years old and with civil capacity can apply.


Q: After applying for franchise, if I do not pass the review, will the joining earnest money be returned?

A: Yes.


Q: After applying for franchise, if I don't have time to manage, can I find someone to assist me in business operations?

A: No, only the applicant can manage it personally.


Q:How to invest in the early stage of investment? What costs are covered?

A:The pre-investment costs include decoration guarantees, renovation costs and shopping mall rents, etc. The specific amount varies depending on the consumption conditions in different regions.


Q: How about the investment cost in the early stage of joining? What costs are covered?

A: The pre-investment costs include decoration guarantees, decoration costs and shopping mall rents, etc. The specific amount varies depending on the consumption conditions in different places.


Q: What are the continuing costs after joining?

A: Advertising costs for later business operations, etc.


Q:My funds are not enough. Can Huasheng provide loans?

A:A: No franchisee loan is provided.


Q:Can I apply for joining together with other partners?

A: Authorization is granted to only one legal person, while the capital investment of the franchisee can be arranged to partner with others.


Q: What is the status of investment return of franchise?

A: There is a slight difference depending on different levels of consumption across the country. The average return rate is basically maintained at around 30%.


Q: Can I select the designated city or designated places?

A: Yes, franchisees can select cities or places based on the data they investigate on their own.


Q: What contents are included in franchise training? Where is the training conducted? What is the time arrangement?

A: Franchise training is usually conducted in Shenzhen, including product knowledge, product selling points, corporate culture, store display and other related contents. Time is arranged by Huasheng with separate notification.


Q: How long is the franchise period? Is it possible to renew contract automatically at the end of business term?

A: The franchise contract is signed once a year. After the business term expires, both parties decide whether to renew the contract or not according to specific conditions.


Q: What kind of marketing support can franchisees get?

A: Unified marketing campaign support, professional marketing team support, operational status analysis, etc.


Q: After joining, does the store finances be managed by franchisees? Is it necessary to use a designated financial system?

A: Finance is managed by franchisee and does not require the use of a designated financial system.