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Talent recruitment:

Regional Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for development of new stores within managed region and achievement of business targets.
2. Responsible for operation and maintenance of store property and customer relations within managed region.
3. Implement the company's various management systems, formulate and organize implementation of sound sales programs, and achieve related activity targets.
4. Being able to reasonably formulate his/her own business development plan, and visit customers and develop new customers as planned.
5. Collect and search for customer information, and establish customer files.
6. Assist supervisors in formulating business development strategies, market development plans, and quantifying business goals.
7. Do well in signing, implementation and management of business contracts, and coordinate in handling various market issues.



1. Junior college degree or above, business management experience in furniture industry for 3 years or above.
2. Working background of merchants, operation and business mode in the furniture industry.
3. Strong communication and coordination skills and negotiation skills.
4. Good appearance, strong communication skills, quick thinking, hard working, strong sense of responsibility, being able to work under pressure.
5. Accept business arrangements for business trips, with responsible business regions including South China, Southwest China, East China, North China and Northeast China.


Space Designer

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the organic integration of display and design to ensure perfect display of store effect.
2. Being able to complete work independently and guide design assistants to complete design concept, renderings, and in-depth programs.
3. Responsible for controlling design costs of related design projects and ensuring cost reduction.
4. Select samples of decorative materials for design projects and provide accessories and display places for product stores.
5. Responsible for regular completion of new generation image updates and promotion work to ensure innovativeness of new image.
6. Have supervision capabilities, and must visit site to resolve related issues where necessary.



1. 3 ~ 5 years of experience in interior store and commercial design, proficient in using CAD, PS and other design software.
2. Understand mainstream materials in the market and master market trends.
3. Have strong independent design ability, innovation ability, and familiar with various interior design styles, proficient in construction technology.
4. Have good communication skills, being able to understand the customer's needs, effective control of the program effect in combination with the actual situations.
5. Have certain creativity and conceiving ability, familiar with project design and implementation of related processes, capable of being independently responsible for project management.
6. Ability to adapt to a fast-paced work environment and efficiently respond to multiple projects.
7. Work place: Shenzhen