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Online and offline interests community, this is the correct posture to unlock the new retail home!
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Online and offline interests community, this is the correct posture to unlock the new retail home!


The war of new retail spreads everywhere, and this tuyere, which was first blown by Ma Yun, became a feast of e-commerce and traditional retail enterprises. The online and offline giants have entered the game, from boxma fresh produce to unsupervised supermarkets, and then to Ali Tencent intensively instigated under-line entity retail. Each equity investment can cause secondary market revelry.
For the home furnishing industry, the features unattended, self-service shopping, etc., currently exhibited by the new retailer, have not been fully integrated with the characteristics of the home furnishing industry. The extension of new retail, such as cloud platform, new logistics, and artificial intelligence, is deeply in the limelight.
The home furnishing industry has always been divided into online and offline barriers, and the online and offline product prices have a dual-track system. The distribution system is incompatible with each other. The online mall has been boycotted by distributors by dividing up the interests of existing offline stores. The inherent re-experience and heavy service features of the home industry are barriers that cannot be surpassed by online operations. The higher the cost of online traffic acquisition, the increase in rental prices in offline stores, and the reduction in passenger traffic. At the moment when the Internet dividend, demographic dividend, and other marginal effects are close to the turning point, can the new retail industry create new opportunities for the home industry? In 2018, the birth of a new species in the home industry, Watson Health, took the four-fold power to drive new retail changes, which may give the entire industry disruptive thinking and inspiration.


"Wah Sing Home Double Line New Retail Mode"


The first power, online and offline homogeneity with the same price + grab people grab the money to grab the site = passenger flow


1, online and offline with the same price, divided into the same cup

There is an urgent need to change both the online and offline zero-sum game, from online and offline price dual tracks, to online and offline homogenous same price, which is the first step for Watson's home furious industry. Because the price is unified, the O2O can be truly integrated, avoiding the two hands of the physical store and the e-commerce. The use of price as the main weapon is no longer at the contact points of different channels, so it is imperative to provide consumers with superior services and experience. Online and offline prices reduce the barriers caused by uncertainties in the consumer's perception. If there is no parity, they naturally buy without fear.

2. Recruit people and deal with online drainage

    Huashengda Home Appliances transferred massive amounts of traffic from online platforms to offline stores, relying on big data analytics to achieve accurate marketing and target customers. Online drainage, offline experience, open the "last mile." Not only can it increase the online users' liveliness and conversion rate, but it can also deliver fresh blood to offline stores, allowing offline stores to gain new momentum for development.

3, grab money, customers 24 hours online.

Unprecedented development of the mobile Internet economy, "24-hour online" has become a reality. Watson's home, let online mall customer service, but also the customer service of the offline store, "squeak" ring, orders continue to stop. Dealers do not have to worry about shopping mall proofing, do not have to worry about business hours, grab money 24 hours a day, break through time and space restrictions, and business anywhere, anytime.

4, grab the site, a shop swept the city transactions.

Instead of blindly pursuing the blind expansion of scale and maximizing its own profits, Watson Plaza only authorizes one dealer for a city. Orders for online store transactions are all attributed to exclusive distributors in the same city. Dealers' radial enclosures have increased exponentially. There is no need to worry about the business area, avoid channel competition, break through the bottleneck of effectiveness and efficiency, and maximize the profit of the stores.
The online or offline sales model for subdividing the track and single scene is no longer in line with the two-way demand for cost-effective and experience services that consumers are increasingly upgrading. Online and offline services with the same price and same service, allowing offline merchants to take advantage of Internet traffic and big data to break profit barriers between online merchants and offline stores. Watsons Home has implemented omni-channel integration. New retailing, in order to grab people, steal money, grab the flow of visitors to the site, reconstruct the consumption distribution model, create more value, but also provide consumers with more convenience and superiority.

The second power, the first brand of Italian sales + the real Italian luxury bedding = product power

The new retail of the home furnishing industry not only needs to solve the “how to sell” problem, but also solve the “selling what” problem. Home style is a kind of life attitude and it is a taste of home. The personalized taste demands of China's new middle class have gradually become prominent. They bid farewell to the elder's fascination with American luxury furniture, and they are no longer satisfied with copying IKEA model houses. The value needs of the spirit, such as art and design beyond the functional attributes, are increasing. Highlights, "How to buy a set of home products for their own" has become a pain point for consumers.
Watson Plaza selects the world with five dimensions: "quality, taste, design, technology, and value". As a global lifestyle leader in home life and design, Italy, with its heavy cultural connotation, unique design language, exquisite The elegant craftsmanship became the first choice for Watson's home. Introduced Italy's first mattress brand Dormir, and the true Italian luxury bedding Nottinblú, to meet the supply gaps brought about by consumption upgrade iterations, offering products that meet individualized aesthetics, high quality requirements and surpass price expectations.
Dormir is based in Tuscany, Italy. Its parent company has an Italian market share of 85% and its daily output exceeds 10,000 mattresses. It is a dream choice for 98 countries worldwide. Lamborghini designer Paolo Becagli cross-border design, wonderful combination of Italian sleep aesthetics and physiology. The domestic prices of imported products have redefined the new benchmark for industry value, so that new middlemen are not deterred by price.
Italian luxury bedding Nottinblú, has subverted sleep black technology - the world's only patented PBS balance technology. With just one bed, you can provide 7 billion people worldwide sleep solutions. 100% Italian handmade, because pure and scarce, will fill the huge consumption gap in China's high-end sleep market.
In addition to in-depth understanding of customer needs and forward-looking understanding of home products, Watson House also uses authentic Italian design to build major offline stores as an Italian aesthetic museum, further enhancing product strength. The popular store king who attracts the eye and attracts gold, incubate new experience scenes, help consumers find the thrill of consumption under the line, and improve brand stickiness and trading volume through scenes, interaction, connection and experience.
Third Power, Linkage Integrated Marketing + Industry TOP Operations = Sales Force
The new retail is not so much a technological revolution as it is a deeper insight into human nature. When offline stores break traditional thinking, use mobile internet tools, adopt new modes of communication and marketing methods, and perform different creative expressions in a new context, the effect of landing will be more vivid, and offline will also be saved. Thousands of millions of activities to promote promotion costs and labor cost of labor. The TOP-level e-commerce operation team of Watsons Home Appliances will escort the line and promote the unified output of the platform. Resources will be concentrated and blasted, and billion-level flow will reach. There is no need for online marketing game play. The March decoration festival, the celebrations in mid-sixth and sixteenth, the double 11th carnival, the double 12 Shenghui, and the new year festival are all promoted throughout the year. The month and month can be used to make festivals. Energize, absorb energy offline, store activities to make big money!
Not only the peak sales volume of one billion yuan a day for the e-commerce gold medal customer service for the offline shopping guide, but also can be a group of stunted soldiers into a legendary figure selling special forces for the store blessing. The first person in China's home furnishing marketing, Mr. Ye Gang, the leader of China's training industry, will personally lead the creation of the strongest surface sales special attack team, lead the industry's best instructors and actual combat experts, and stay in offline stores at any time for one-on-one personal coaching. In the past, you couldn't go in for a big investment, and you can enjoy a special feast that was custom-made by Master Ye Gang at Watson Residences.
Fourth Power, Pioneer Leader + Capital Giant = Power
The battle for new home retail is not only a game between traditional e-commerce companies and traditional home retailers, but also a wrestle between "miscellaneous" and "experts" in the industry. Behind the Watson family home is such an expert, founder Mr. Wu Wei.
From leading companies to achieve an average annual growth rate of 40% leapfrog, to top the brand value of the top industry; from the introduction of first-line international brands to enter China for the first time, to sign the top ten Chinese designers to establish original brand; Retail transformation to the online and offline integration, to achieve success in one industry textbook level omnichannel marketing case, Wu was destined to become a restless spoiler of this era, the gene of the pioneer so that each of his moves, affect the nerves of the industry .
The beginning of the heart created by his father, Watsons Home, is to add beauty and joy to every family. With this mission, Watson focuses on the pioneering innovation in the home field. It will continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, and at the same time, transform the power of humanities and technology to become a partner platform for the affiliate to work happily and have a better life.
The influence of the benchmarking figures in the industry, the unique business model, and the platform of all CEOs are the partners' partners. This has made Watson Family Home a natural fertile ground for investment. This has also attracted the industry's top three capital giants to make big inroads. Become the darling of capital, also share the huge resources of the capital, the core location of the store resources, massive shared customer base, open information platform, efficient supply chain system, unified channel management, for each partner of Watson Escort.


     Unlike the traditional retailer's new retail market, where the market interest has reached its peak, the online layout is supplemented by the main line. The new retail of Watsons Home is a new retail that leads the cooperative to coexist and coexists. It truly bridges the omni-channel relationship and allows online and offline communities of interest.
     Watson's home sales force new retail, passenger flow, product power, sales force, support force four driving forces, online and offline vertical and horizontal, reconstruct the value chain, this is to unlock the correct position of new home retail.