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Good value, connotation, popularity, I want to call this booth crazy!
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Good value, connotation, popularity, I want to call this booth crazy!

Goodvalue,connotation,popularityIwanttocallthisboothcrazy! Atouchofthemostdreamyblue,stunningShenzhenInternationalFurnitureFair,itisfromthe1A29boothoftheWatsonFamilyFair.Thepartitionisreplacedbyagrid-
Good value, connotation, popularity
I want to call this booth crazy!
A touch of the most dreamy blue, stunning Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, it is from the 1A29 booth of the Watson Family Fair. The partition is replaced by a grid-like device. The lightweight steel structure gives modern design a sense of openness and transparency. It breaks the barriers and barriers between people and maintains an ever-open heart.
Ginkgo biloba grows out of the ground and brings the fun to the inner court. It is close to nature and becomes an oasis in the city. Slow down, or bathe under the shade of the shade, or walk in the meantime, or stop chatting and feel comfortable and comfortable in life.
Hundreds of entries have come to the fore. Watson's home booth design and product design have been nominated for the design of the home design field professional awards - the Golden Jubilee Award, and won the praise of domestic and foreign review.
At the exhibition, Watson House exhibited the Italian luxury bedding Nottinblú and Italy's first mattress brand dormir, bringing China a la vita è bella, an Italian-style feast of beautiful life.
Mr. Stefano Gandolfi, the chief designer of Nottinblú, and Mr. Manuele Caon, the director of engineering, also visited the exhibition to explain the Notionblú's unique patented PBS (Pressure Balance System) intelligent balance system. The bed can provide a perfect sleep solution for 7 billion people around the world.
The high value of beauty, disruptive products, and the unprecedented new retail model have naturally attracted popularity. In the experience area of the PBS system, the display areas of various brands and the topic discussion areas attracted many agents to stop and sign up for queuing, and the on-site signings were endless, and the scenes were extremely hot.
Watson House and Man Wah Holdings have signed a heavy strategic cooperation project and will establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership. Mr. Huang Minli, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Man Wah Holdings Group, also attended the scene. Under the leadership of Mr. Wu Wei, Founder and President of Watsons Family, he carefully observed the PBS hydraulic products that received the unique patent of Nottinblú and expressed high praise. .
Ms. Che Jianfang, vice chairman and vice president of Hongxing Meikailong Furniture Group Co., Ltd. also visited the booth and had a cordial exchange with Mr. Wu Wei. At the same time, he also expressed an important strategic partnership as a home-based company, Red Star. Meikailong's recognition and support for Watson.
In addition to the industry giant capital blessing, Watsons Home is a combined fleet of the home industry. Mr. Ye Gang, the first person in China's home furnishing marketing, and Mr. Ma Weimin, the former president of Simmons China, and Mr. Wu Wei, the heroes and heroes of the heroes, swayed the three major pioneers. let us wait and see.
Some experts estimate that sleep will become the third most important health issue after diet and exercise that can generate high-margin products. The market for the healthy sleep industry is yet to be tapped, and products that contribute to a good sleep solution will surely have a continuing and huge demand. What kind of product can solve the sleep problem of the Chinese people? What is the correct posture for unlocking new retail at home? What kind of surprise will be brought to the market by industry joint ships that have gathered all forces? Watsons Home will tell you all the answers.