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It is derived from the graphic structure of character “Hua” by calligraphy master Yan Zhenqing in Tang Dynasty, conveying the spirit and bloodline of the company.
It looks like a mountain peak, calling us to go far; and like a ridge to welcome us back home.
The orange circle in the upper right corner implies the profound meaning of “Sheng”, meaning the cycle and interaction of all things in the world.
It looks like the rising sun, full of vitality; and like a bright light, lighting up our dream.
Nine colors, symbolizing the concept of unity and a simple wish:
Allow human being, life, and business to be flourishing here.


Bring and raise the joy and beauty to each family.

Gather and change the power of humanities and technology to become a partner platform where the participants could work happily and enjoy the wonderful life. 


Focus to be the innovative pioneer in the field of home furnishing to continuously provide the product and service beyond the expectation of our customers.


Striving to regulate the family

Cultivate moral character and manage the family's affairs well, making it good for everyone.

  • Build moral character by arduous efforts, to learn knowledge, accumulate experience and improve oneself.
  • Cultivate mind by arduous efforts, to be willing to help friends and foster virtue.
  • Regulate family by arduous efforts, to build a happy family and a promising career.
  • Be perfect by arduous efforts, to lead the new life of Chinese family from the perspective of family members.


Everyone who contributes to our success is our precious customer.

  • Regard customers as God, always feel grateful for customers, and show respect and sincerity.
  • Deeply explore customer demand, take customer demand as a guide, and make rapid response.
  • Stand in the customer's position, and continue to provide products and services that go beyond customer expectations.
  • Balance customer demand and company interests, and operate at low cost to achieve a win-win situation.

To pursue truth, kindness and beauty, we must first have a true, kind and beautiful heart.

  • Keep consistent with words and deeds, be loyal to the heart, and not affected by interest or pressure.
  • Be responsible, dare to admit mistakes and dare to take responsibility.
  • Do not spread unconfirmed news. Do not irresponsibly discuss issues and people behind. For any comments and feedback, correct mistakes if you have committed them and guard against them if not.
  • Keep away from corruption and bribery, and correctly and effectively stop the dishonest behavior that harms the interests of the company.

Honest & Good Faith

Innovation History

Starting from nothing, from existence to excellence, from excellence to perfection.

  • Break the outmoded conventions and reexamine what you are doing from scratch.
  • Relentlessly persist in exploring the unknown world.
  • Stick to be different and create a world of your own.
  • Keep streamlined and flexible, and practice repeatedly.

Self-Respect and self -Discipline

He who knows himself is self respected, and he who respects himself is self disciplined.

  • Take care of your body because body is the basic condition for work and life.
  • Cherish your reputation and strive to become a person with both integrity and talent.
  • Develop your perseverance and adhere to regular learning and life.
  • Constrain your own words and actions, and think more for others.

Interest Doctrine

Interest doctrine is the source of vitality.

  • Discover the interest of life, starting from every little thing of every day, and striving endlessly.
  • Fall in love with learning, taking delight in research and study, and self-improvement.
  • Enjoy the fun of making friends, staying with interesting people and embracing gorgeous life.
  • Practice the interest of innovation, be passionate about life and work, and constantly surpassing.

Concise & Direct

People with rich hearts are often very simple - so are enterprises.

  • The company’s interpersonal relationship must be simple, with office politics eliminated.
  • Just focus on the issue rather than the person, with all the disputes left in the office.
  • Have effective communication, with opinions expressed clearly and to the point.
  • Simplify workflow and system, and establish fair system and sunny space.
  • React one step ahead of others: Sharply grasp every business opportunity.
  • Act one step ahead of others: Pay attention to quality and ensure excellent execution of each task.
  • Think one step ahead of others: Bring new breakthroughs of performance with new methods and new ideas.
  • Reach goal one step ahead of others: Execute efficiently, and find the best way to achieve goals.

One Step Ahead

The first one to reach the finish line is the champion, while the others are just followers.